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Mrs. Bassett's Science Class

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8th Grade Science and HS Physical Science focuses on the study of non-living matter called Physical Science.  This includes the study of chemistry and Physics. 

Instructional Philosophy: The students will be engaged and involved in daily warm-ups intended to set the lesson for the day. Daily involvement in the class can include, but not limited to lecture notes, Interactive notebooks, choice boards, independent study, group work, labs conducted in and outside the classroom and adjustments to fit the needs of the students.


Safety is the upmost importance and labs may be modified or demonstrated to keep safe distances. Gloves and masks may be worn and goggles with be wiped down and sanitized if they are needed. 




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I have been teaching at Harlem Middle for 5 years. I am originally from Marietta, Ga . I received my Bachelor’s degree from Armstrong Atlantic State University. After graduating I moved to Hawaii where I received my Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix, Honolulu. I am a part of the military community. My husband served in the Army and we have lived all over the world. After Hawaii, we moved to Italy. I taught at the American school in Vicenza.  My daughter, Karen was born there and is now 12 years old. I have an 9 year-old son, Braxton who was born in Augusta. I am looking forward to a wonderful year.