Christian Tiller » Welcome to Harlem Middle School

Welcome to Harlem Middle School

I am happy to welcome you all to the 7th grade. I am excited to be back in the Science classroom.  I love the subject and I hope that my attitude towards science will help you learn.  We will study topics that range from the inside of cells to the systems of the body.  We will learn why you have blue or brown eyes.  I will challenge you to think and learn in multiple platforms.  I am ready to teach and I know you are ready to learn.
You can reach me at my email: [email protected]
Schedule:  1st block 7:30 - 8:33
                  2nd block  8:36 - 9:39
                  3rd block  9:42 - 10:45
                  4th block 10:48 - 12:39 (includes lunch)
                  5th - 6th  12:42 - 2:30 (planning)
I will assign material such as classwork and study guides to my Google classroom.
The students have joined my classroom and they can show you what we are working on.  We will use websites such as EdPuzzle, Quizziz, Kahoot, and Teacher Made.  Our tests will be both online and paper pencil.  I will do my honest best to make sure the grades are posted in a timely manner.