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8th Grade Georgia Studies Syllabus


Adam Mullis


Course Description:  This is a study of Georgia geography, history, government, and economics. It includes an in-depth study of the geography and government to include Georgia’s role in United States historical events.  The Georgia Standards of Excellence can be found at


Supplies: Students need to make sure they come prepared for class. Please make sure your student has the following items: *Please be mindful about not sharing supplies*

  • Spiral notebook (college ruled, 3 subject)
  • Writing utensils (pencils or blue/black ink pens)
  • Colored pencils, markers, glue sticks/liquid glue
  • Ruler, scissors (optional)


Course Requirements:  Students will be expected to participate fully in the academic class.  This includes any assigned readings, outside work and class discussions as they pertain to the themes being studied.  Each student will be responsible for keeping up with a Social Studies binder that will only be used for this class.


The Social Studies curriculum includes an emphasis on critical and higher order thinking, advanced research, literacy, and communication skills.  Assignments and projects will be structured to achieve this emphasis.  Short and long-term planning will be vital for student success.


Grading: Grading for this class is based on a point system and follows the Harlem Middle School Grading Scale. Each assignment is given a point value based on one of three grading categories.  A rubric or checklist will be used so that students know what is expected for longer assignments and projects. 


9 Weeks Exam 10%

Formative Assessments (Quizzes, Classwork, and Homework) 30%

Summative Assessments (Tests and Projects) 60%


Student/Parent Portal:

Students and parents can access grades through the portal.  Grades will be updated frequently.  Please email or call with any questions.  Parent conferences may also be requested via email or phone.  


Absentees: The student is responsible for initiating all make-up work.  It is important for students to be in class; however, upon returning to school students are responsible for completing missing work.  

*** Work assigned before the absence is due the first day upon returning to school ***


Communication: It is important for your student’s academic and behavioral success to stay in touch with his or her teachers. Communication may include your notes home, phone calls, e-mail, or conferences. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if there are any concerns about your student. I can be reached through my e-mail address,  If you have not received a response from me within 24 hours, please resend the original email.  Also, please include your student’s name in the subject line of any email correspondence that you send me.


Tutoring:  Students are encouraged to attend after-school tutoring on Thursday from 2:40 until 3:30 by appointment only. It is the student’s responsibility to secure transportation home at 3:30.  

Retest Policy: Students scoring below 70% on an assignment are expected to attend re-teaching in order to retest on those concepts missed previously.  Other students may choose to do so as well.  This can be done during after-school tutoring.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule the re-teaching/retesting.

Student Behavior: 

Students are expected to follow the Columbia County Code of Conduct. Consequences for not following the Code of Conduct are reflected in the school’s Progressive Discipline Plan. 


8th Grade Discipline Steps:

  1. Written Warning
  2. Student Conference and Parent Contact
  3. After-school Detention and Parent Phone Call or Guidance Referral and Parent Phone Call
  4. In-House or 2nd Detention (Teacher Discretion) and Parent Phone Call
  5. Office Referral

*The discipline steps start over each nine weeks.*


Website: Many useful links can be found on my webpage through the HMS link.  A calendar of corresponding standards, quizzes, assessments, projects, curriculum guide, and Georgia Times (unit guide) may be found on the webpage. Please utilize this resource to ensure excellence this year.


Water Bottle: Please bring a clear water bottle to class each day.  Water fountains are available for water bottle refills.




7:30 - 7:35 Homeroom

7:39 - 8:30  1st Period

8:34 - 9:25  2nd Period

9:29 - 10:20  3rd Period

10:24 - 11:15  4th Period 

11:19- 12:40  5th Period/Lunch 

12:44 - 1:35  6th Period (Connection 1)

1:39 - 2:35  7th Period (Connection 2)


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